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Anita is trained as both a speech-language pathologist specializing in infant feeding as well as a Certified Lactation Counselor. This unique combination of skills ensures that she can support your lactation and breastfeeding needs for both mom and baby.

Common reasons clients pursue a lactation and breastfeeding evaluation:

  • Concerns with milk supply/ infant weight gain

  • Oversupply/engorgement

  • Pain including nipple soreness, blisters, clogs, mastitis

  • Difficulties with latch and milk transfer

  • Difficulties with positioning

  • Pumping, weaning support

  • Support with introducing bottles

  • Flange sizing 

  • Breastfeeding and tongue ties

  • Choking, coughing, sputtering while breastfeeding

My Philosophy
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"Wholesome feeding support and nourishment for baby and family."

Breastfeeding your baby is a precious experience that feels never-ending at the time, but flies by in an instant. 

When breastfeeding isn't going along as planned or expected, it can feel isolating and unforgiving. You do not have to continue to struggle alone. Too many mothers and lactating parents are made to feel that it "should be easy" or "should come naturally", and while breastfeeding is a beautiful thing our bodies are capable of, it certainly is not without challenges. 

My goal is to protect and encourage your breastfeeding relationship with your little one as long as it is your goal as well. 


I am here to nourish the feeding journey you want to be on while giving you the evidence-based knowledge to make the best decisions for your family. Every dyad I work with is unique, with different needs and goals. As an infant feeding therapist I have the skills to support your needs within and beyond breastfeeding; whether that be exclusive breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, combination feeding, exclusive pumping, chest feeding, or weaning. 

I believe it is OKAY to feel tired, overwhelmed, and defeated. It is even OKAY to complain out loud about getting up at 3am, being the only one who can feed baby, and wishing your nipples would just fall off. It is also OKAY to want to continue your breastfeeding journey despite all of these hurdles and to ask for help. I am so looking forward to helping you find your strength to push through these challenges and feel successful nourishing your baby. 

My Journey

I have been supporting little babies and their families with feeding since the beginning of my career. I am overwhelmingly passionate about supporting each of their unique feeding journeys.

When I had my own little girl, it was humbling  going through the breastfeeding experience first-hand. Although I had the "expert knowledge", I still questioned myself at times and we ran into our own challenges along the way. I learned that in these moments of exhaustion and overwhelm, it is crucial to lean on your support system and seek out help to reach your feeding goals. You are not alone on this journey. I am proud that I have been able to breastfeed my baby but could not have done it without support from my family and other professionals. 

On my personal journey, I was motivated to exclusively breastfeed and was fortunate enough that my support system was open and encouraging of breastfeeding to help me reach my mission. I felt comfortable nursing my baby while hanging out with friends and family. This helped me normalize breastfeeding as natural and expected and kept me from feeling isolation during nursing. I hope to encourage my clients to find their own unique mission and harmonize the nourishment of body and mind for themselves and baby. 

While I have always strived to provide encouraging and compassionate care for families, I am grateful that I can relate to breastfeeding moms on a deeper level having shared this experience. I have been there. Down in the 2 am...and 4 am...and again at 5 am. I hope to offer not only  knowledge and expertise, but more importantly, understanding and warmth.

Every dyad and breastfeeding relationship is unique and requires a space to be nourished. 

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Please book your appointment online. If you need to be seen urgently within the next 48 hours or don't see a slot that fits your needs, please call or text (623) 738-5938‬ for availability.


For more information about payment options visit our About Our Services page

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