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Infant Feeding



Gooseberry is a small private practice that specializes in breastfeeding/lactation, feeding and speech-language services. We focus on providing one on one therapy that fits into your family's life to foster connection, growth and development in the early years. We work with infants and young children ranging from birth to 5 years old and breastfeeding dyads.

Services are available for families residing in Arizona.

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Prenatal and postnatal breastfeeding and lactation  services. Get one on one breastfeeding education before baby arrives. We support  difficulties with latch/pain, establishing milk supply, infant weight gain concerns, pumping education and troubleshooting.  Get guidance for back to work or school transitions and weaning. Let us support you on this intimate journey!

We have specialized training in pediatric feeding. We support successful bottle feeding with infants and transitioning to solid foods. We address various feeding difficulties with young children. This can include working with children with dysphagia (swallowing disorder), oral motor or sensory related challenges around mealtimes.

We support early speech and language development. We focus on speech sound disorders (difficulty speaking clearly or using sounds appropriate for their age), expressive/ receptive language delays and fluency disorders (stuttering). Early play and cognitive skills are also addressed as they are vital to developing effective communication.



Hello! My name is Anita Floresca, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC. 

I am a certified pediatric speech-language pathologist, feeding therapist, and a Certified Lactation Counselor®.

Eating, communicating, and playing are the most important aspects of your child’s first few years of life. When these things aren’t going as planned, it can be stressful for everyone. My mission is to provide family-centered, evidenced based, and individualized therapy services to support you through these challenges.

On-demand Online Course:
Transition to Solid Foods

This course will answer all your questions about introducing complementary foods!


Learn all about transitioning your baby to solid foods and supporting healthy adventurous eating into toddlerhood!


Perfect for new parents who don't know where to start OR seasoned parents who want more information and support. Be empowered to find a feeding approach that fits your family! Feed your baby with confidence!

LIVE Virtual Class:
Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

This course will answer all your questions about breastfeeding!


Perfect for new parents who don't know where to start OR seasoned parents who want more information or to be better prepared this time around. Be empowered to nourish a beautiful breastfeeding relationship! Feed your baby with confidence! Perfect for prenatal preparation in your 3rd trimester.


Breastfeeding/lactation, feeding and speech-language services provided on an online teletherapy platform to bring individualized therapy directly to your family.


Teletherapy is an alternative to delivering therapy services in a traditional clinic or office. It uses a safe and secure video conferencing platform to have a an evaluation or therapy session in your home. It is a way for families to access therapy that might not be available in their area and save time and energy on commuting to a clinic. Clients receive the same high quality service that they would in a face to face session. 


Families appreciate being able to prioritize therapy for their children in a way that fits our fast-paced, technology-driven lifestyle.


Teletherapy uses a parent-coaching model of therapy which has proven to be highly effective for working with the infant to preschool aged population. Parent-coaching promotes parents and caregivers to be actively involved in the therapy process for their child, resulting in quicker carryover of skills and faster progress. It is also effective for lactation and feeding evaluations.


To read more in depth about the benefits of using a teletherapy service delivery model, click here.


It is essential that the therapy provided meets the specific needs of your child and family. Therapy is never a one size fits all. In certain situations where Gooseberry Speech Therapy is not the right fit for your family, we will refer you to a service that can better meet your child’s needs.

*Insurance does not cover virtual visits for all services, this is dependent on insurance plan, please verify benefits prior to seeking insurance coverage or reimbursement for teletherapy.

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My child has increased her verbal skills tenfold since working with Anita. What a year can do, she has also helped provide us services for other assessments and services. What a great provider and advocate for kids!

-Mom of 3 year old


Anita Floresca, M.S. CCC-SLP, CLC

Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist

Feeding Therapist

Certified Lactation Counselor ® 

To learn more about our services or scheduling an evaluation for your child please call/email or send us a message. 

‪phone: (623) 738-5938‬

fax: (623) 745-4277

For questions regarding billing email:

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